2017 Maine White Cane and Guide Dog Awareness Walks

2017 White Cane Walks


On Saturday, the 14th of October, 2017, a group of travelers took to the sidewalks and streets across the great state of Maine to show their independence, their ability and their unwavering camaraderie. These are the times that brave users of mobility canes and guide dogs get the chance to show everyone that there is a place for them, there is a time for them, and the time is right now.


As the communities of Augusta, Dover, Bangor, Presque Isle and Portland carried out their busy day, the annual white cane and guide dog awareness walks took to the streets, and once again the crowds of energetic travelers took to the sidewalks of Maine.


This year’s events gathered in that same excitement as walks of the past have, and as the canes swept and the paws moved forward, 2017 took shape with the same meaning as the years before.


This was my 7th walk, and just like the first, my heart pounded away with exhilaration as the Augusta event got underway.


To all those who sponsored and took part in the planning of these events, thank you from a proud and grateful member of the blind community of Maine. I have made many wonderful friends at these walks, and am already looking forward to next year’s gathering.


Hats off to you all, and ACB Maine is proud to know you.


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