2017 ACB of Maine State Convention


2017 ACB of Maine State Convention


Once again the ACB of Maine State Convention found itself in the great city of Bangor, and as the members entered the conference room that Saturday morning, a buzz filled the air.


This year’s event had a plethora of informative speakers, as well as an auction that was very entertaining.


This year’s convention also saw a gathering of ACB of Maine, as well as Pine Tree Guide Dog Users. The usual faces were there, joined by new and energetic folks from both near and far. There’s something about a room full of white canes and guide dogs that provides both motivation and inspiration. Hats off to all who joined the camaraderie, and best of luck to you all this upcoming year.


Information spread through the room fast this October, with speaker after speaker presenting their latest news, updates and new innovations that will surely benefit the blind and visually impaired communities of Maine, the United States, and around the world.


ACB of Maine would like to thank all members of the Pine Tree Guide Dog users who attended the meeting, and all of the great speakers who took the time from their busy days to share and inform everyone who attended this year’s event.


Next year’s convention will be held in the Southern Maine city of Westbrook, which has graciously hosted our conference in the past.


There’s new ideas, new assistive technology releases, new ways to do things and new ways to connect with each other. The last several years have seen a blur of activity with new innovations and technologies. Imagine, if you can, where the technology will be just a few short years from now. The future holds the hopes and dreams of those who continue to move forward, and whom never forget to walk along side an incredible family built on friendship, loyalty and inspiration.


ACB of Maine would like to wish you the best with all your endeavors, and invite you to join us as we move ahead towards a tomorrow filled with those special ingredients that makes us one of the best organizations around.


Please feel free to take a look through our website, and while you’re at it, go grab yourself an ACB day!.



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