Marge and Hugh Awalt – 50 Years Together

Marge and Hugh Awalt at ACB Maine Conference

Marge and Hugh Awalt at ACB Maine Conference

It happened one October day, fifty years ago. Two souls were brought together by an unseen force. Two unique hearts wrapped around each other, and began beating in rhythm as they embarked on an incredible journey along the hands of time. If ever there were two spirits that were meant to join hands, it was Marge and Hugh Awalt, and the members of ACB of Maine were honored to take part in their amazing celebration of love.


The annual conference became one more celebrated stepping stone for this Central Maine couple, and as the day progressed, we were all invited to reminisce and hold high the memories that these two marked their union with. The laughter, the smiles, the applause that filled the convention room was the highlight of all who attended, and for a brief moment in time, time stood still.


I’m sure that I join everyone by saying, hats off to you both. Your love, faith and commitment to one another is such a huge part of what makes ACB of Maine so special.


The two images accompanying this post are of Marge and Hugh, and their celebration cake. Thank you to all who assembled this warm and memorable occasion. It’s an experience that ACB of Maine will never forget.



One reply on “Marge and Hugh Awalt – 50 Years Together”

I learned so much about my Great Aunt from this post and the both of them had a ball listening to it! She is currently wearing the exact sam outfit as in the picture abouve.


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